About Us

Brits Construction Projects Ltd is devoted to providing quality construction services, excellent workmanship and hassle free renovations. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients. We offer prompt and reliable service with excellent communication. We work within your budget and each project is custom designed and a reflection of the customer’s vision for their home.

We follow professional construction process and employ the best tradespeople. Through this approach, we consistently deliver the high quality workmanship and attention to detail demanded by our clients.

We are proud of our reputation for no-nonsense, high-quality construction, home additions, extensions, Loft Conversion and building maintenance services.

Our Culture

Customer Focused

We are customer focused in all facets of our business.


Quality is foremost in our thinking and approach. Our aim is to exceed client expectations


We strive to deliver our products and services at the optimum value for money.


We maintain a high level of integrity, honesty and fairness in all our dealings.


We stand by our commitments and responsibilities.


We show respect for all those we deal with whether staff, subcontractors, consultants or customers. We provide safe systems of work and a safe working environment.

Quality of Employment

We employ quality people with the aim of developing long-term relationships. We have a program for developing the skills and career opportunities of our employees.

Equal Opportunity

We are non-discriminatory and are an equal opportunity employer.

 Team Work

We believe in a team approach in all that we do, both internally within the company and externally with our clients and business associates.

What makes us different?

We take pride in our work.

We are grounded yet intelligent and sophisticated in practice.

We are confident in our abilities but we are not arrogant.

We are collaborative and approachable.

We are down-to-earth but not down market.

We have a can-do attitude.

We always deliver.